cakes designed by neil fryatt

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Childrens Cakes

Shown below are a range of the various birthday cakes and cupcakes that I have made for both friends and family.

As an alternative, or even in addition to a large birthday cake, cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular.

Recently I have made Star Wars, Little Einsteins, Igam Ogam, Mario Kart Wii, Hello Kitty and Littlest Pet Shop cupcakes.

Whichever children's characters you require can be made into delicious cupcakes.


Little Einsteins Cake

Skylanders Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

orangepencilc blackpencilc blackpencilc

A sponge rendition of the 'portal of power' with the 5 favourite Skylanders of Alex whose 8th Birthday this cake commemorated, the figures of 'Zook', 'Double Trouble',' Lightning Rod', 'Stealth Elf' and the incredibly difficult to make 'Ignitor'.

I was on a mission to create Ollie's 4th Birthday party cake with the Little Einsteins.

Rocket sat on top of the cake with Leo, Annie, June & Quincy all sat round the side.

This was a three-tiered affair consisting of the Mad Hatters hat, The Cheshire Cat and a teacup with White Rabbit, Mad Hatter & Alice inside.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom cake


The little kingdom provided Eleanor's 3rd Birthday cake theme. Fondant figures of Ben, Holly, King & Queen Thistle, Mrs Elf & Nanny Plum were on top of this sponge, not forgetting Gaston the ladybird.

Character Cupcakes

In The Night Garden Cake

Harry's 2nd Birthday party had a cake from the Night Garden. The Tombliboo bush and the tombliboos were joined by Makka Pakka and the HaaHoos, there was even Makka Pakkas stones in a number 2.


Angry Birds

Little Einsteins

Littlest Pet Shop

Star Wars


Mario Kart

Moshi Monsters

Meg & Mog


Skylanders Cake

orangepencilc blackpencilc

Sophie's favourite pink teddy and some alphabet blocks letters made her 1st Birthday cake a very pink occasion.

Sophie's favourite

books meant that this was the only cake that she'd have for her 2nd Birthday, with Meg, Mog and Owl cup cake adornments.

Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Cake

Star Wars - Millennium Falcon  & Darth Vader


                               My niece Lucy wanted a Star Wars cake, For her party I created some Star Wars characters cupcakes. Her main cake though was this rendition ofthe Millennium Falcon complete with Luke skywalker and R2D2 accompaniments., Her friend Ewan wanted Darth Vaders' Helmet.

Littlest Pet Shop Cake

Eleanor's 4th Birthday cake was a very pink & purple affair. Her favourite little LPS figures adorned the cake, the easier ones made out of icing, but some were just too intricate, it is the Littlest Pet Shop after all.


Leo, June, Quincy, Annie &

Rocket were on a cupcake

mission to feed some little


These cupcakes were

made with eggs, that's

not going to make

those birds any less


A long time ago in a cake

tin far far away, there

were a dozen cakes for

the rebel alliance, a dozen for

the dark side.

Insert body text here ...

All 24 Mario Kart racers

including Mario, Luigi, Toad,

Yoshi, Donkey Kong & Bowser.

A mixture of monsters,

moshlings and glumps which

will make sense to those who

know about 'Monstro City'.

Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz & friends in fondant form.

Cupcakes to infinity & beyond.

Crystal Palace & Barcelona cake


Callum's 7th Birthday party needed a footy cake. Rather than just have Crystal Palace, that other team in stripes Barcelona were on it.

A little fondant football pitch, some badges and

Callum in both teams strips.