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Leaving Cakes

If you're ever stuck for a leaving gift for a colleague, why not commission a cake. It can be personalised with a 'fricing figure'

representation, and could even be corporate branded.

Shown below are some examples of cakes made for my colleagues who have recently left their positions at

Hospitality Line and a little story behind the inspiration.


...This was inspired by wonderful sight of Graham arriving to work on his bike wearing what was described by someone as a 'leather boob-tube' his arse crack on display for all.

The story behind the 'magic bullet', he was sure that HL needed a "bomb put up it", but there was no magic bullet to sort things out.

Graham's motorbike


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...Still one of my favourite leaving cakes to date was Mr Norris' green Clarkes Coaches cake.

 When the man who lived 'Coaches' left ECE it seemed only right to make a sponge coach with Rich sat on top with his trademark denim jacket and a 'bye rich' written in cigarettes across the top..

Rich's Clarkes Coaches cake

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...Another cake that was fun to make was when Kay was leaving us to work for a Health Spa company.

 A bit of a departure from the usual icing figure sat on top of the cake, as Kay was depicted with cucumber eyes and the full spa treatment.

Kay's health spa cake

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...Sophie was leaving ECE to take up a career in politics...well not directly but she was going to work for departed PM Gordom Brown.

So a ballot box cake wishing her good luck, Vote Sophie x

Sophie's Ballot Box cake

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...Our mandarin speaker Tammy was due to leave and it coincided with it being the year of the Dragon.


So a Chinese Dragon cake which was very meticulously pieced together seemed the only right way to say goodbye and wish her well on her way.

Tammy's Chinese Dragon cake

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...Em had recently had a Birthday Cake, so I had to come up with an idea for the leaving cake pretty quick, well if you're gonna work for an oil company, it has to be an oil rig.


Chocolate cake with a little treacle based oil spillage and Em with a little red hard hat.

Em's Oil Rig cake

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...Mr Mooney was leaving ECE to become a school teacher on the French/Swiss Border.

 So a cake in the shape of a book with french farewell greeting and a swiss flag border.

A little icing figure of Edward in his usual smart office attire sitting on a school satchel finished the job.

Edward's Swiss  

School Book cake

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..Louisa was about to depart for the other side of the world, but to wish her on her way i stuck her on top of the world with a big suitcase with lots of the flags of where she was going.

Good luck Lou, see you soon.

Louisa's Travelling around

the world cake

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...Mr Bury was leaving ECE and leaving the country and heading East to Hong Kong.

Well he had to have a Hong Kong Phooey and a cake adorned with the hong Kong flag to send him on his way...HiYaaaaa!!

"Hong Kong Bury - Number 1 Super Guy!"

Nick's Hong Kong  

Phooey cake


...Our seasonal staff had served their time and it was time for them to return to their studies, but not before Adam, Chris, Lydia and Lucy were reproduced in fondant form, photos of which made the end of season powerpoint, what an accolade!

ECE DM Coordinators cake

norris coach cake (1) norriscake

bullet cake

grahamcake norriscake3 grahamcake3