• Neil Fryatt

Betsy's 10th Birthday TikTok Cake

My best gluten free customer has returned. The last fondant creation for my work colleagues daughter was a beauty and the beast cake for her 4th birthday, which is still one of my favourites.

Once you reach your 10th birthday you can't be seen to have little Disney figures on your cake, so when I was asked to make a TikTok cake it was a diversion from the norm.

The challenge of a coloured chocolate ganache drop effect, and for a first attempt I was quite pleased with it.

I'd also made little chocolate bars to go on the top which were a nice addition.


By the time this cake was finished being decorated I'd developed an intense hatred for their logo, it brought back memories but still a far way off the Hello Kitty cupcakes incident after creating 15 cupcake toppers.

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